What We Do

Ways We Help Communities

  • Identify Issues: Mobilize community stakeholders to discuss and define community challenges. (e.g., identify the problems / gaps / stakeholders around access, production and procurement of resources).
  • Create Structure & Process for Action Teams: formalize stakeholders into action teams to research, discuss, plan, implement, monitor and assess performance.
  • Engage Community: a strategy to strengthen community assets. The CATs will select community service projects that enhance the capacity of partnering Lead Service Organizations so they can expand to meet the demand for critical services and supports.
  • Build Individual & Community Capacity: provide training and development to action team members and broader community in order to implement their roles and functions (e.g., articulate their role to community, ensure relevant stakeholders are engaged, capturing, analyzing and reporting with data, developing and tracking metrics, etc.).
  • Develop & Form Strategies: for community improvement.

Current Project The South Fulton People-Centered Community Economic Development (SF-PCED) Initiative...

Following several years of informal community landscape analyses, interviews and relationship-building, the SF-PCED was launched. This emerging multi-sector, multi-level, regional community initiative focuses on the holistic and comprehensive health and well-being of all South Fulton residents - particularly those most-affected by structural, systemic and racial inequities.

SF-PCED has four priority Focus Areas, each of which is supported by four Community Action Teams (CAT); and will be steered by a South Fulton nonprofit organization - serving as Lead agency (LA) for each issue area:

1. Behavior & Mental Health (BMH); BMH-CAT - Odyssey Family Counseling Center (LA)
2. Housing Affordability (HA); HA-CAT - Zion Hill Community Development Corporation (LA)
3. Economic & Workforce Development (EWD); EWD-CAT - LA TBD; and
4. Environmental Health (EH) - LA TBD

Community Action Teams
A multidisciplinary team composed of a variety of stakeholders that come together to solve issues or barriers identified within a defined geographical area or population. Each CAT is undergirded with training, technical assistance and resources to plan, coordinate, and implement issue area strategies and activities.

Presently, Ubuntu is partnering with United Way's "Brighter Futures South Fulton" to engage residents of South Fulton in the identification of the drivers and potential solutions of poor outcomes in Mental & Behavioral Health and Housing Insecurity by residents in the region. The partnership with "Brighter Futures South Fulton", SF-PCED is targeting the following South Fulton zip codes in Atlanta - 30315 & 30354 (East Cleveland Avenue corridor), East Point: 30344, and College Park: 30337.

Our support from The Partnership for Southern Equity is focused on building the capacity of our Community Action Teams.

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