About us

Ubuntu Community Catalyst Mission Statement

Ubuntu Community Catalyst's mission is to co-create a sustainable community impact platform for all community stakeholders, by building collective agency and social capital to ensure a healthy, thriving and vibrant community for all.

Ubuntu Community Catalyst Vision Statement

Ubuntu Community Catalyst activates the power of collaborative community transformation to enhance sustainable well-being for all.

Our Values and Behaviors



  • We put people and community first in all we do
  • We engage people as agents of their own well-being - supporting the development of their current and desired assets and capacities
  • We co-develop strategies to serve needs in communities that are most affected by inequities

  • We are transparent
  • We are accountable
  • We are honest
  • We honor all
  • We do the right thing in a reliable way

  • We invite all to participate - including, public and private service providers, residents and other community stakeholders
  • We co-design, implement and collaborate on initiatives, in ways that add value, compliment, strengthen and support new and existing efforts, with a priority on equity and inclusiveness

  • We use data continuously to learn, adapt and improve
  • We continue to build on our skills, processes, and systems
  • We develop and execute informed plans to guide our actions and growth of
    the organization
  • We emphasize resident and community capacity building as a central method for community transformation Systemic Leadership & Strategies

  • We cultivate leaders and focus on policies, systems, structures, programs and strategies
  • We strive to transform systems and structures in ways to enhance the well being of all - particularly those most affected by inequities


  • Local and international seasoned people-centered experience
  • Application of Equity knowledge in our frameworks and processes
  • In depth knowledge of South Fulton issues, people and institutions
  • Substantial individual and organizational custom-designed training and capacity-building backgrounds.
  • Values and character-based servant leadership

Ubuntu Community Catalyst Team

Co-Founder Ubuntu

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"As a director, manager, leadership coach, facilitator, and equity guide for strategic initiatives, David has led and guided the development of highly effective coalitions - ensuring meaningful community engagement and impacts. His work with movement leaders spans national networks and agencies, regional collaboratives, and grassroots organizations throughout all US regions."

Co-Founder Ubuntu

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A global educator, a Knight of Honor because of his humanitarian actions. Sir José Bright brings over 30+ years of servant leadership and management experience. Sir Bright’s career spans the private, government, community, and faith-based sectors. His portfolio includes community development and engagement, strategy and future foresight, talent development, nonprofit leadership, and social entrepreneurial expertise.

Co-Founder Ubuntu

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As a Community Architect, Mary is the tapestry in the community working to lift those unsung voices rarely heard. She is a promoter of the Asset-Based Community Development model. Engaging people, helping them grow, resulting in positive change, and building their leadership skills and connections, propelling them to achieve their vision.

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